Using the Compliance (EEO) Report [Annual]


To see your reports, log in to Workable and access the Reports page via the pie chart icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Use the Compliance (EEO) report to view candidates' responses to the EEO applicant survey.


The data is displayed in tabular form. For each segment, from left to right the icons show:

  • The number of applications
  • The number of candidates moved forward
  • The number of candidates disqualified
  • The number of candidates hired

Exporting the EEO report per candidate

You can export the report per candidate by clicking the "Export data per candidate to CSV" button in the upper right:


As soon as you click the button, the report will be scheduled and sent to your email shortly. You can find a sample of the export below in the attached file.

The exported report contains detailed information with the name of the candidate, their email, the position they applied for, application date, gender, race, disability and Veteran status (if provided by the candidate), disqualification reason and the disqualification date if the candidate has been disqualified.

Note: The file will only include data about candidates that filled out the survey and applied within the dates you selected.