Managing Recruiter Licenses


Recruiter Licenses provide unlimited People Search profile results for a specific member of the account (fair use cap of 1,000 profiles per month applies).

How to purchase a Recruiter License

To purchase a Recruiter License, navigate to the Plan section of your account by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right (you must be a Super Admin to do this).

Choose the option to Contact your Account Manager or click Talk to Us to discuss your sourcing needs. 

How to assign or revoke a Recruiter License

Once you have been notified that the Recruiter Licenses has been enabled on your account, you will need to assign it to a specific member of your account that will use it. Recruiter Licenses are assigned from the Account Members page.


If you need to switch the users and assign the license to someone else, you can revoke it in the same way: rollover the user name and you’ll see the option to ‘Revoke People Search License’. Next, follow the process above to assign the license to the person who will be using it.