Manage your Recruiter Licenses


Recruiter Licenses provide unlimited People Search profile results for a specific member of the account (fair use cap of 1,000 profiles per month applies).

How to assign or revoke a Recruiter License

Recruiter Licenses are assigned from the Account Members page. In the example below you can see that John Smythe already has a Recruiter License for People Search, and there is one more license available, so the option is given to add this to the account of another member.


When a user has access to People Search, this can be revoked in the same way: rollover the user name and you’ll see the option to ‘Revoke People Search License’.

How to upgrade or downgrade a Recruiter License

The total number of licenses purchased is listed on the subscriptions page. To increase or decrease the number of licenses, click and drag the slider. Move the slider to indicate how many licenses you now need, and click the Upgrade or Downgrade button that appears.


The subscriptions page is also where you’ll find the option to cancel your Recruiter License completely.