Viewing your data in Chartio [Annual]


If you’re accessing your Workable data via Amazon Redshift and you’re a Chartio user, we’ve created a dashboard for you in collaboration with Chartio.

All you need to do is email Chartio support with a request to enable this dashboard for your Chartio accounts. You’ll then see your data about jobs and candidates appearing in the dashboard through seven different perspectives:


The seven different charts represent:

  • the total number of jobs, candidates and hires (top left)
  • a pie chart with the percentage of jobs per department
  • a map with the number of candidates per country
  • a funnel view showing the number of candidates that have been screened, contacted, interviewed, made an offer and hired (top right)
  • a view of jobs and candidates by date that they were created
  • a view of candidates by date that the candidates were screened
  • a heat map showing the number of candidates that have been moved from any stage in the pipeline to another (bottom right)

Use the filters at the top of the dashboard to recalculate figures in all charts for a specific period and/or for a certain set of jobs. This only a starting point; you can also add more charts to this dashboard or create new dashboards of your own. We’d love to hear about the dashboards you’ve created!