How does my People Search profile quota work?


With your Workable subscription you’ll receive a number of People Search profile results that can be used to source candidates with exactly the right skills for a job. This profile quota is shared across all users on your account and refreshes at your next billing date.

When searching for a candidate with People Search, profile results will appear. Each profile result counts as 1 profile towards your quota. You'll see just a few results to start. If you continue to scroll through results then the profiles that appear will continue to count towards your quota.

For example, your search may yield 5 results to start (5 profiles towards your quota). If you scroll down then 5 more results are generated (which count as 5 more profiles towards your quota) and so on.

If you run a lot of searches then you may find the same candidate twice. Candidates who appear more than once within 30 days of their first appearance will not be counted towards your quota.

For example, we run a search today and "Tim Candidate" shows up in the results. Then, in tomorrow's search, he shows up again. This only counts as 1 profile since it occurred within 30 days.

Other features, like Auto-Suggest and standard referrals (which leverage People Search) will also use profiles based on the number of results generated.

You can find the number of remaining profiles in the Plan section of your account. The profile quota will be refreshed when your subscription renews.


If you need more profiles, contact our support team or your account manager.