Using the Hiring Velocity Report [Annual]


To see your reports, log in to Workable and access the Reports page via the pie chart icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.

The Hiring Velocity report tracks the time it takes candidates to move through your hiring pipeline. Use it to spot inefficiencies in your hiring process.

Filtering the report by date will show you activities that happened within that time range for the candidates that were created in your account within those dates. If you want to see activities for older candidates, make sure to mark the box to include candidates before the set date.

Visual data

Average days to move forward:


At the top of the page, the stacked bar chart shows every stage in the pipeline and the average time a candidate takes to move forward from each stage.

For example, if the bar chart shows “Applied: 7 days” that means it takes an average of 7 days for candidates to move forward from applied to any other stage in the pipeline.

At the top left of the reports page, there is an option to include the candidates that applied for the job before your chosen date range.

  • Check this box: to include all moves forward within the specified date range
  • Uncheck this box: to view only the data for candidates who applied or were sourced after the report’s start date

Average days from sourced/applied to pipeline stage:


Each pipeline stage is a different colour, and the number of days taken is clearly visible above each arrow. This chart shows the average number of days it took candidates to move from Sourced/Applied to any given stage. 

Tabular data

The table combines the data to show:

  • the average days from sourced or applied to each stage in the pipeline
  • the average days to move forward from a pipeline stage
  • additional relevant actions that occurred within each stage


For example, you can see how many evaluations occurred at each stage of the pipeline, and compare it to the amount of time spent in each stage.

Data still doesn't look right? Make sure the correct filters are applied.