How do I refer a candidate for a job?


You can refer a candidate straight from the job dashboard:

  • Members on the hiring team: Find the job and click the cog icon in the top right corner of the pipeline. Select Refer Candidates from the dropdown menu


  • Members outside the hiring team: If the job has been published for internal use, find it on your dashboard and roll over it to reveal the options; click Refer Candidates.


To refer a candidate, search for their name or email address, filtering by location, company and education.


Select the person you want to refer from the search results that appear. Click the + button in the lower right of the candidate's profile to open the referral menu. You can add a comment that will be included on the candidate's profile in Workable.

Note: Profile results will count towards your account's People Search profile quota.


Click Refer to finalize the referral. Once your referral has been successfully submitted, the candidate will appear in the Sourced stage of the pipeline. Their profile will include your name as the source and you'll be noted as the referrer in your account's Referrals report.