How do I pin or save a search?


If you frequently search for a particular skillset in People Search, save your search terms with the Pin this search button. This means that you’ll be able to perform the same search whenever you need to, without re-entering the details every time.


First, enter your search terms into the fields. This can include filters for location, company, and university.

Click the option to Pin this search in the upper right. You’ll be prompted to enter a name for the search. Both the name and the search terms must be unique. If you try to use the same name or save the exact same search, an error message will appear letting you know that you should make a change.


Your search will be added to the Pinned Searches tab at the top of the page. Access all of your saved searches from this tab by clicking on them to immediately run a search.


If you’re done using a pinned search you can delete it by clicking the trashcan to the upper right.