How do I search for candidates in my account?


To search your candidate database, enter multiple keywords in the search bar at the top of your Workable account. Use additional filters from the panels on the left, like position, stage, consideration and application date. You can also search using tags assigned to candidates whether they were added by you or a member of your hiring team.


Workable will scan your entire candidate database and return candidates ranked by relevance - this can include archived, disqualified and snoozed candidates. We’ll even include keywords from your comments and emails, as well as results from candidates’ resumes.

When you open a candidate's profile from the search results you’ll see your search terms highlighted where they appear in the candidate's profile.

In this example we've searched for candidates with the words "software engineer" in their profile. We've filtered to only see candidates who are in our Lead UI Designer job.


Searching in quotes will yield results for that exact phrase. If we just search for software engineer without quotes we’d also see results for candidates with just “software” and just “engineer” in their profiles.

Include a minus sign (“-“) in front of a search word to exclude profiles which contain that word from your results.

Search by application form answer results in the following ways:

  • Number: Search for the complete question and answer in quotes, e.g. "How much notice do you need for your current position (in weeks)? 2"
  • Yes/No: Search for the text of the question in quotes (only yields candidates who responded "Yes")
  • Multiple choice: Search for the selected answer in quotes
  • Paragraph: Search for a phrase in the answer in quotes