Pay Per Applicant


Pay Per Applicant advertising is available in the USA only. With a Pay Per Applicant ad you only pay for the applications you receive. The plans are optimized for your job and there is less financial risk.

After you create a job and select a Pay Per Applicant plan from the advertise step, Workable will create a targeted ad campaign, based on your job description and keywords. The job will be distributed across a network of thousands of sites, including the most relevant industry-specific boards, traditional job boards, newspaper careers sites, local government job boards and more.


Any applications you receive from this ad campaign will appear directly in your account.

Pricing, audience, and the applicant cap are dynamic and will change based on the job function and location. For example, an entry-level customer service position in New York City will have different pricing, numbers of people able to be reached, and number of applicants per tier compared to the Office Manager position in Portland.


When you select a Pay Per Applicant plan the money is reserved from your account. You will only be charged when the full number applicants are received, or if you stop your plan early.

If you stop the plan before the target number of applicants are received then you will only be charged for the applicants you’ve received so far.

As soon as your target number of applicants is reached, Workable will stop advertising your job. This means you will never spend more than your planned budget, and you are always in control. The job will still be advertised on any free job boards you've selected.

After selecting a plan you can check on the number of applicants received in the same Pay Per Applicant section.