How do I invite external recruiters to submit candidates for a job? [Pro]


As part of a Workable Pro or Enterprise plan you can invite external recruiters to work on specific jobs in your account.

When you create or edit a job in Workable, you’ll see a Find Candidates tab across the top of the screen. In this section, click Invite Recruiters:


Adding recruiters already in your Workable account

If you’ve added a recruiter to Workable via your Account Members page, or you’ve invited a recruiter to your Workable account before, you’ll find their name in the dropdown menu to the left of the screen. Simply identify the name of the recruiter you’d like to work on this job and ‘Invite Recruiter.’ They’ll be sent an email automatically with the details of the job and a link to add candidates directly via Workable.


Invite a new recruiter to Workable and the job

To add a completely new recruiter to Workable, click ‘Add a new recruiter’. You’ll see the option to enter their email address and to preview the auto-generated message. This message contains the details of the role, and a unique link to sign up to a new account that will be connected with your own. Your recruiter must accept this invitation to keep the connection to the job.