Requesting and submitting referrals


Requesting referrals

Your coworkers can use Workable to ask for candidate referrals. When a referral is made Workable keeps track of the referrer. This means that it’s easy to ask for casual referrals or to set up more formal programs including your own rewards. You must be an admin or Hiring Manager on a job to request referrals for that job.

Request referrals via the Find Candidates tab, at the top of the page when you create or edit a job:


You’ll see an editable email — the placeholders will be updated with the name of the job and your own name. Alternatively, add a completely personal message. The subject line for the email will be "Help me hire: (job title)".

The email will be sent to all users of your Workable account with the exception of external recruiters. It will link them to the referral page for the job. 

Submitting referrals

Note: Using the Workable Referrals add-on? See details on signing in and submitting referrals with the add-on.

To submit a referral using Workable's standard referral option, sign in to Workable and locate the job for which you'd like to refer someone on the main dashboard.

If hiring pipeline stages like "Sourced" and "Applied" appear for a job, click the three dots to the right and select Refer candidates.

If all you can see is the job's title, hover over it and then click the option to Refer Candidate.


On the referral page:

  • Enter a name or email address
  • Workable's People Search tech will search millions of social and professional networks, gathering relevant details into an organized candidate profile
  • Find the right person and add a comment explaining why they’re the perfect fit for the job
  • Add them to Workable


Workable will organize the data into a candidate profile including details like resume, location, photo and contact details, as well as links to their open social profiles. There’s no data entry and no hassle.


Note: Clicking on a referral search result will use one of your account's People Search profile views. You can check on your remaining profile views in the Subscription section of your account.

If you can't find the person you're looking for, there will be an option in the search results to enter their details manually.