If I have multiple openings for the same job title, should I create multiple jobs?


No, you can hire multiple candidates for a single job through Workable.

Create the job in Workable with a title that reflects a single position (e.g. 'Nurse' not 'Nurses') and move multiple candidates through your hiring pipeline to the Hired stage.

Note: It's recommend to create separate jobs only if you are hiring for the same job in multiple locations. E.g. if you are hiring for a sales rep in a London UK office and in a San Francisco US office, create two jobs so that you have a job for each location.

You should only create a clone of a position if the job was originally posted a long time ago.

For example, if you created a 'Sales Representative' job in Workable three months ago, but need to hire for the position again, create a new job or a clone of the previous job.