I have more than one opening for the same job - do I create separate jobs for each opening?


No, you can hire multiple candidates for a single job through Workable.

Create the job in Workable with a title that reflects a single position (e.g. 'Nurse' not 'Nurses') and move multiple candidates through your hiring pipeline to the Hired stage.

If you try to post the same position to job boards multiple times, then the boards may reject the duplicate positions.

Note: It's OK to create separate jobs if you are hiring for the same job in multiple locations. E.g. hiring for a sales rep in a London UK office and in a San Francisco US office.

You should only create a clone or copy of a position if the job was originally posted a long time ago.

For example, if you created a 'Sales Representative' job in Workable three months ago, but need to hire for the position again, create a new job or a clone of the previous job.