Where can I find reports in my account?


To access the Reporting Center, click the pie chart icon in the toolbar at the top of Workable.


The page that follows is your reports dashboard. To jump between reports as you work, click the title of any report to reveal a quick link to every report available. Hover over the '?' next to the report's name for a brief explanation of the data in the report.


Reports are divided into two types: 

  • Status reports
    They show a current and immediate view of your account. For example, the Current Pipeline report shows the number of candidates in each stage of your active jobs. If a candidate is deleted (manually or as part of a GDPR automation) then this Status report would update.
  • Historical reports
    They provide details about your process, productivity and efficiency. For example, the Hiring Velocity report shows the number of days that candidates spend in each step of your process. The data in these reports will not be impacted by automatic GDPR candidate deletion but will be impacted if candidates are manually deleted.