Calendar integration with Google


Workable’s integration with Google Calendar enables you to automatically sync events that you schedule in Workable to your and your coworkers’ Google Calendar. You can check attendees’ availability, book rooms at your office, and update events all within Workable.


 The benefits of Google Calendar integration:

  • Check availability of coworkers and rooms
  • Invite Workable users who are not on the hiring team to events
  • Add coworkers who are not Workable users to events
  • Customize the event title
  • Add a custom description to the event
  • After scheduling events in Workable, you can update them directly in Google Calendar and the changes will sync back to Workable

Enabling the Google Calendar connection

You can enable the connection between Workable and Google Calendar via the Recruiting preferences section of your Workable account. You must be an administrator to access this section.

Click your user icon or photo at the top right of the menu to reveal the ‘Recruiting preferences’ option.

Scroll down until you come to the ‘Email and calendar integration’ section. Flip the switch to ON and click ‘Save changes’.


If you haven’t turned on the Google Calendar integration you may also be prompted to enable it when scheduling your next event. You can enable the integration immediately by flipping the switch to ON.


This will turn on Google Calendar integration for all Workable users. An administrator only needs to do this one time for all users to have access the feature.

After activating this feature, the first time that any member tries to schedule an event, they will be prompted by Google to allow Workable to access their calendar. Simply click OK to confirm the connection between your calendar and Workable.

Scheduling events with your Google Calendar integration

When the integration is active, you’ll see new options appear when you schedule events in Workable.


When adding attendees you will now have the option to invite ‘Others’. These could be coworkers outside of the hiring team, but working in your company, or people who do not work for the company at all. As you enter their name, email addresses associated with your Workable account will be suggested.

You will be able to view the availability of rooms and add rooms from your Google Calendar as well.

The availability of your coworkers and any rooms will be verified. If someone is already has something scheduled at that time, Workable will notify you in red text.

Important: Workable is only able to verify schedules connected to your organization’s Gmail account. It cannot see the candidate’s personal calendar, or, if you invite a coworker using their personal email address, or an email address from another service (e.g., Workable will not be able to verify anything about their schedule. If this is the case you’ll see text letting you know that “there’s no relevant information for some attendees”.


To get a better view of attendees’ availability, click “View in calendar”. You’ll be taken to a calendar and you can click on different time slots to move the meeting time. The meeting will be outlined in orange.


You can customize the view based on your needs by selecting the cog to the upper right of the calendar. Change the start day for the week, the working hours, and whether or not weekends are shown.


These options are purely for display purposes. You can still schedule a meeting at any time you’d like.

Updating an event

When you finalize the event and schedule it, invitations will be sent as normal and it will automatically appear in your coworkers’ calendars.

If necessary, the organizer of the event will be able to modify the event directly in their calendar. Any updates will sync back to Workable. E.g. you could update the event description in Google Calendar, and this would also update the description shown in Workable.