Can I edit my job after it is published?


Yes, you can edit a job at any point in the recruiting process, even if the job has been published. Go to the dashboard, find the appropriate job, click on the three dots at the top right of the pipeline and select ‘Edit job’ from the dropdown menu:


You can also click directly on any of the job titles on the dashboard:


This will bring you to the job editor page, seen when you first created the position. In the job editor you can adjust the job description, application form, advertising locations, and more.


Make the changes you need and when you’re ready, click the ‘Update’ button – you’ll see one at the top and the bottom of the page.

After saving the changes, any listings you have on free and paid job boards will be updated automatically. Your Workable careers page will also be updated, along with any pages powered by the widget or API.


  • It can take between 6-24 hours for the changes to be visible across all job boards.
  • Changes to the job title will not update on your Facebook page automatically. Contact us for assistance.