EEO/OFCCP options [Annual]


If your company is required to comply with EEO/OFCCP regulations, you can rely on our easy-to-use tools. We’ll help you create and deploy a fully compliant application process. You must be on Workable Annual plan to enable EEO options. This feature only impacts jobs that are located in the US.

If you’re an admin for your Workable account, you can manage your EEO/OFCCP options from your Compliance section. Access to Compliance options is given to account administrators only. Click your profile icon at the top right of the screen to reveal a menu and access that section.

In the EEO section, enable your EEO and OFCCP Survey & Reporting options:


Once enabled, your applicants will have the option to fill out the voluntary survey right after applying for a job that is located in the US. Should they decide to skip it at that point, Workable will send them an email with a friendly reminder to come back and complete the survey at a more convenient time:


When EEO is enabled on your account you will be required to give a reason every time a candidate is disqualified. This will only apply for jobs located in the US. The disqualification options will vary depending on the stage of the applicant. Click ‘other’ to provide custom reasons for disqualifying a candidate.


If you disqualify candidates in bulk you can still select a disqualification reason, but the same reason will be applied to the entire group of candidates you selected.

Note: You can choose to automatically disqualify candidates when they answer 'No' on a Yes/No application form question. These candidates will also be assigned a corresponding reason for disqualification, for example ‘Does not have the preferred experience as stated in the ad’.

Workable tracks and records responses to the applicant surveys to provide detailed data reports. The reports can be found in the EEO/OFCCP reporting section on the “Reports” tab at the top of your screen.