What are job credits?


Purchase Workable job credits which can be exchanged to pay for premium/sponsored job posts. Each credit is worth $1, and you can pay by credit card or manual invoice.

Credits can be spent when purchasing premium job posts on sites like Indeed.

Job credits are a convenient way to:

  • Centralize the payment of job posts: if you have just one authorized credit card user at your company, they can purchase job credits which additional account members can use without access to the card
  • Purchase job ads with a manual invoice: if you can’t pay for individual ads by credit card or prefer not to, you can purchase job credits with a manual invoice
  • Save time: if you’re tired of paying for each premium post separately, Job Credits are a faster way to post a job— there’s no need to enter the same billing information for every single job board. This also means less paperwork: you have just one invoice for all your premium job boards

Keep track of your credit balance, by clicking Premium Job Boards menu under the Find Candidates tab in any of your job posts. It will be on your right:


Contact your Account Manager or connect with our sales team at to purchase job credits.