What are job credits?


Purchase Workable job credits which can be exchanged to pay for premium/sponsored job posts. Each credit is worth $1, and you can pay by credit card or manual invoice.

Credits can be spent when purchasing premium job posts on sites like Indeed.

Job credits are a convenient way to:

  • Centralize the payment of job posts: if you have just one authorized credit card user at your company, they can purchase job credits which additional account members can use without access to the card
  • Purchase job ads with a manual invoice: if you can’t pay for individual ads by credit card or prefer not to, you can purchase job credits with a manual invoice
  • Save time: if you’re tired of paying for each premium post separately, Job Credits are a faster way to post a job— there’s no need to enter the same billing information for every single job board. This also means less paperwork: you have just one invoice for all your premium job boards

 Keep track of your credit balance, and how individual credits are spent, from your accounts billing page:


The minimum top up for job credits is 3,000.

Connect with our sales team at to purchase job credits.