What permissions do external recruiters have? [Pro]


As part of a Workable Pro or Enterprise plan you can add external recruiters to your Workable account.

External recruiters will only see the jobs that you specifically assign to them and can only see candidates that they have brought in to your account.


In this example an external recruiter has logged into Workable. Even though the company may be recruiting for many jobs, the recruiter only sees 3 jobs on the job dashboard. Those are the jobs that have been assigned to them.

The recruiter can only see candidates that they themselves have uploaded into Workable. They cannot see candidates who apply through job boards or your careers page.

Multiple recruiters can be added to a single job. They will only see their own candidates.

Admins and members on your account will be able to see all of your recruiters' candidates.

Recruiters can:

  • Upload candidates
  • Perform all candidate actions (emailing, disqualifying, moving through pipeline, etc.)

Recruiters can't:

  • Create job posts
  • Modify job statuses
  • See candidates who applied normally
  • Use People Search
  • Access account settings