External Recruiter User Permissions [Annual]


As part of the Workable Annual plan, you can add external recruiters to your account.

External recruiters have the most limited access to your account; they will only see the jobs that you specifically assign to them and can only see candidates that they have sourced into your account. In addition, they have limited functionality when working with candidates.


In this example, an external recruiter has logged in to Workable. Even though the company may be recruiting for many jobs, the recruiter only sees 2 jobs on the job dashboard. Those are the jobs that have been assigned to them.

The external recruiter can only see candidates that they themselves have uploaded into Workable. They cannot see candidates who apply through job boards or your careers page.

Multiple external recruiters can be added to a single job. They will only see their own candidates.

Other members with full, standard or limited access to your account will be able to see all of your recruiters' candidates.

External Recruiters can:

  • Upload candidates (and edit/delete those they have added)
  • Schedule events
  • Email candidates
  • Create comments
  • Copy/move to another job they've been invited to

External Recruiters can't:

  • Create or edit jobs
  • See candidates not sourced by them
  • Use People Search
  • Access account settings
  • Request or view assessments
  • Create or view evaluations
  • Disqualify candidates
  • Move candidates to another stage

See a full comparison in our User Permissions Chart

Note: If you do not want the External Recruiter to have access to the Workable dashboard and the candidates they upload, just add the External Recruiter to your account without inviting them to a job. Let them know the job mailbox of the job that you need them to collaborate on and they will still be able to add multiple candidates to these jobs.