How do I manage or remove a member from my account?


To manage the jobs which a user has been assigned, or to remove someone from your Workable account entirely, click your profile icon in the upper right and select Account Members.


A list of all the users on your account will appear. Hover over any of the account members to reveal options:

  • Assign a People Search license
  • Manage membership
  • Delete

If you've purchased a People Search license you can assign it to a user from here. That user will receive their own pool for People Search profile views, which will refresh monthly. When a license has been assigned it can be revoked through this same method.

Manage a user's membership to change them from a regular member to an admin (or from an admin to member). You can also assign them to the hiring team for multiple jobs at once.


Select or unselect jobs based on the roles that the user needs to be involved with. You can also change them from Member to Hiring Manager for certain jobs.

Deleting a member will remove them from the account (all their comments/evaluations/messages will still be kept in your account). They will no longer be able to log in. Deleted members will appear at the very bottom of the Account Members page. Their account access can be restored from there if necessary.


The user's comments and messages will remain in the account and will still be attributed to that user. 

External Recruiters

If you have a Workable Pro plan, you can also manage external recruiters on your account. From Account Members, click the 'External recruiters' tab.

Hover over the recruiter to edit their information or remove them from the account.


Add notes that might be helpful for your internal team. You can also move recruiters to your hiring team. This will grant them the same access that regular users have on your account.