User Permissions Chart


For all user types except Super Admins, the user can see jobs with the Published and Used Internally statuses. However, the user must be assigned to the job's hiring team to access or interact with candidates.


In this example, the hiring pipelines for the "Candidate sourcing" and "Content writer" jobs are not visible because the user is not assigned to those jobs. The user cannot see the candidates or any details except for the job description.

External Recruiters can only see the specific jobs they are assigned to and the specific candidates that they have uploaded to the account. They will not see any unassigned jobs at all.

If you aren't sure which type of role to choose of a new account member, refer to this guide on choosing user roles:

User Permissions Chart

  Super Admin

Recruiting Admin label-pro.png

Hiring Manager Standard Member

Reviewer  label-pro.png

External Recruiter label-pro.png 
  The Workable account            
Manage account settings ✓           
View reports ✓  ✓   ✓ ✓    ✓ 
Create & manage templates ✓  *1        
Change users' roles ✓  *2        
  Job creation & management            
Access all jobs          
Create & edit jobs    
Publish a job        
Purchase premium job ads        
Unpublish a job *3 *3    
Archive a job    
Add users to a job's hiring team    
  Candidate access            
Access all candidates          
Access Talent Pool *4 *4 *4 *4
Access People Search & Auto Suggest    
  Super Admin  Recruiting Admin label-pro.png Hiring Manager  Standard Member   Reviewer  label-pro.png External Recruiter label-pro.png  
  Candidate management            
Add/upload candidates  
Edit/delete candidates  
Copy/move a candidate to another job  
Snooze a candidate  
Move a candidate to next stage    
Disqualify a candidate    
Revert (re-qualify) a candidate    
Export candidate to HRIS      
Send/view offer letter      
  Feedback & collaboration            
Create comments
Edit visibility on other member's comments        
Send an email  
Schedule an interview  
Edit/delete events *5 *5 *5 *5
Share a candidate externally    
Request referrals from coworkers      
Refer candidates  
  Assessments & evaluations            
Evaluate candidates  
View other's evaluations  
Send an assessment test    
View assessment test results  
Send a video interview    
Perform a background check *6    


 1 Recruiting Admins can only create templates for jobs in their assigned department(s)/location(s)

 2 Recruiting Admins can only change user roles within a specific job, they cannot change a user's role across the entire account

 3 Only Super Admins and Recruiting Admins can unpublish premium job posts

 4 Non-admin users can access the Talent Pool depending on your account settings

Non-admin users can only edit or delete events that they themselves have created. 

 6 Standard Members can perform background checks depending on your account settings